Wood Inlay Engagement Rings

Do you want the whole world to stop every time someone looks at your engagement ring? Then make sure your ring is authentic enough! At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry we know about original designs because we make custom engagement rings. 

Marlon Solano, who is in charge of all the designs, incorporates recycled, reclaimed and sustainably collected materials from the forest to create every single piece of our collection. Marlon has experience designing custom pieces such as wood inlay engagement rings.

Custom Engagement Rings That Will Make It More Memorable 

Some of these custom wood inlay engagement rings are the following:

  • Amethyst Solitaire Wood Engagement Ring: Amethysts are a variety of quartz that is known for its purple color and it’s typically related to love and protection. This is a gorgeous wooden engagement ring that will call everyone's attention. Besides it’s made of sustainable materials and recycled metal which are the perfect companions to the Amethysts solitaire diamond. 

  • Sapphire Solitaire Wood Engagement Ring: Everyone loves Sapphire rings. Besides being known for its vivid and vibrant blue color, it is related to things like honesty and faithfulness. Wearing a sapphire wooden engagement ring would be even more meaningful than creating it. Our wood inlay designs with diamonds are perfect for those who love elegance and still want to impact the change by using recycled products like these rings that are made of 100% recycled metals.

  • Aquamarine Solitaire Wood Engagement Ring: The name aquamarine origins comes from the latin words “water of the sea” and it is this what it’s reflected in this beautiful wooden engagement ring with a aquamarine gemstone. Same as the rest of our collection, these engagement rings are made of sustainable materials collected from the forest and recycled gold. 
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    Find the best wood inlay engagement rings in Naturaleza Organic Jewelry. An organic jewelry store that specializes in custom handmade wooden engagement rings created with hardwood coming from Trees of Central America and South America and 100% recycled metals like gold, sterling silver and rose gold.

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