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It all starts in the forest. Our ecofriendly wood rings are created with organic materials that are hand-collected from the forest floor and 100% recycled metals.  Featuring wood wedding rings, engagement rings and commitment rings with accents in recycled sterling silver and gold, each piece is created by Marlon Obando Solano with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Using sustainable materials and a unique process, our wooden rings are designed to last a lifetime, include waterproof sealant, and a lifetime maintenance and repair guarantee. 

Sustainable Materials + Meaningful Symbols + Custom Designs

custom organic wood rings on wedding day

NEW! Comfort Fit Wood Rings

Offering superior durability and exquisite craftsmanship, we can now create our designs with a contoured comfort fit! 

Comfort Fit Rings
Bourbon barrel wood ring and cufflinks. Whiskey barrel ring and wood cufflinks.  Matching set wooden ring and cufflinks.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Wood Rings and Accessories


Beautiful! I'm so happy to have this as my wedding ring. Especially because it uses recycled silver and salvaged wood. Great materials, elegant craftsmanship, and timely shipping!

They took my breath away. These are absolutely the most beautiful wooden rings I have ever seen...little works of art. We both will be so proud to wear such a work of art and look at it every day! Thank you for creating such a meaningful symbol of our union.

My Fiance and I are so so pleased with these rings. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are astounding. Truly a beautiful purchase that we will cherish forever.