Create Your Custom Wood Ring

For your wedding, engagement or anniversary, you deserve a ring that represents your relationship. Naturaleza Organic Jewelry specializes in making custom wood wedding rings to symbolize your commitment through uniquely personal materials, design and symbols. 

We will collaborate with you to select the best wood, metal and inlay design for you.

Browse the gallery of images below for more examples of our custom work, and see the steps to creating your own custom wood ring, below.



We will gladly incorporate materials that you provide, whether it’s wood from a special tree, an heirloom diamond, or metal from a grandmother’s wedding ring, a piece of antler, bone, or stone.


Symbology is an important element in many of our designs, adding an extra layer of significance. Consider symbols of unity, eternity, balance, Mayan Numerology or bring us a symbol of your own.



1. GET STARTED by browsing our shop and checking out our custom designs to explore the possibilities. 
Each listing in our shop describes the design (such as Un Lado Asi or Lados) and the type of wood (such as nacascolo, ñambaro, guayacan). 

2. IMAGINE your custom ring design, considering the following details: 

  • size and width
  • profile (flat or rounded)
  • placement of metal edges, bands or inlay                    
  • symbol, stone inlay or gemstone setting

3. SELECT MATERIALS from the woods we collect sustainably, a wood you provide yourself, or anything else that we can sustainably source.

4. SELECT METALS, including 100% recycled sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold (red gold), platinum and palladium.

5. CONTACT US at any point in the process with your idea for a quote and to discuss the details. It's helpful to provide a rough sketch if you are proposing a new design. 

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