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    Sizing your wood ring from Naturaleza Organic Jewelry. Each ecofriendly wood ring is custom made to order in the size and width that you request. We use standard US ring sizes in whole, half and quarter sizes.  We can convert any international size.

    SIZE is the inner circumference of the band. 

    WIDTH is the space from knuckle to knuckle.

    We suggest being sized at a jeweler using a band that is the same width you plan to order. First decide the width you prefer, and then confirm your size in that width. 



    NOTE: Some of our rings are "flat fit" and others are "comfort fit." Comfort fit bands are rounded on the inside, and most of our designs are available with this option. However it is important to be sure you are sized with the same "fit" AND width as the band you plan to order. We suggest visiting a local jeweler and first deciding the width you prefer, and confirming your size in a ring of that width. You may like to bring along our Ring Size Conversion Chart. We offer a range of widths for this reason, what looks and feels right on your hand is a personal preference, independent of size.

    The average width for most of our designs is 5-7mm. We can adjust proportions according to your specifications, but by default we make minor adjustments to maintain the characteristics of the design you select.

    Prefer a comfort fit band? Contact Us if you do not see the design you like with this option!

    Click here to print our Ring Size Conversion Chart.

    Ring Size Conversion Chart