Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

Orders are fulfilled in the order they are received. Our current turnaround is 2-3 weeks, though this timeline varies throughout the year. Please let us know if you have a specific deadline!

How do I order a custom wood ring?

All of our rings are made to order in the materials, size and width that you choose. We love to work with our customers to create meaningful custom made pieces. If you would like to substitute or change the wood choice in a design, there is no charge. If you would like to further change the proportions, upgrade to gold or another precious metal, or provide your own design, we will work with you directly to create a Custom Order. Please Contact Us with the details of your request.


Can I provide my own materials?

Yes, you can create your own custom wooden ring! We love working with the unique meaningful materials that you provide to create custom wood rings. Perhaps a piece of old furniture, a tree from your childhood home, a grandmother's heirloom diamond... we've even worked with a piece of metal from an old car! 


Are the rings waterproof?

All of our rings are created to be extremely durable and last a lifetime. All orders now include WATERPROOF SEALANT SERVICE at no extra charge. The sealant is transparent with a matte finish (not shiny at all) and completely encapsulates the wood. The sealant is eco friendly, food safe and hypoallergenic. If for any reason you would not like waterproof sealant on the ring, please let us know. 


How durable are wood rings?

Organic jewelry is more susceptible to the environment and impact than metal jewelry but will last a lifetime if cared for properly. It is important to avoid prolonged exposure to water, chemicals and rough labor. See more in our section on Care. We recommend Comfort Fit style bands for maximum durability.


 How do I figure out my size?

It's important to be thorough in determining your correct ring size, taking width into consideration. Please see our detailed section on SIZING where you can find instructions and Ring Size Chart.

 What if my ring doesn’t fit?

We know that fingers can be difficult to size and can change over time and offer an exchange policy. Please read all of our information about sizing carefully to prevent mis-sizing. Wood rings usually must be re-made, they cannot be re-sized. 

Please add a Ring Exchange to your cart to begin the Exchange Process.


Do you offer a warranty?

We offer complimentary maintenance for a lifetime if the customer covers the cost of shipping. Click here for a Reseal, Polish or Repair


Can my wood ring be resized?

Wood rings normally cannot be resized, they must be re-made. Down the road if your size changes, we would be glad to re-make the ring using as many of the original elements as possible. If you need to exchange your ring because it does not fit, we offer an exchange policy. Please add a Ring Exchange to your cart to begin the Exchange Process.


Do you offer engraving?

Yes, we offer engraving in italic block letters. The fee for engraving is $5 plus $1 per letter.  


Where can I buy your jewelry in Kentucky? Can I come look in person?

We will also gladly welcome you to our home studio in Louisville, Kentucky by appointment only.

Please CONTACT US to make an appointment.


Can I provide a piece of wood or stone for my ring? 

We will gladly try to work with any piece of cured wood or other durable natural materials. We suggest a piece of wood that is at least about 2"inches cubed, if possible. 


What is organic jewelry?

We collect our organic materials from the forest floor in small quantities. All metals are 100% recycled. Our eco friendly packaging/gift wrap is 100% PCW, renewable, natural and minimal. We are Gold Certified Green America Members since 2007. In our studio and home we use eco friendly practices. All metal scraps are recycled and all organic scraps are composted. Naturaleza Organic Jewelry invests in reforestation and forest conservation in Nicaragua.


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