Caring for Wood Rings

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is durable and suitable for everyday wear. Every piece comes from nature and should be treated with care.

Waterproof Sealant is included at no additional cost on all of our wood rings.
Waterproof Sealant provides an extra layer of protection against scratches, moisture and discoloration.
The sealant completely encapsulates the wood and has a matte finish.

To prolong the life of your piece of Naturaleza Organic Jewelry we recommend the following:












  • Avoid prolonged contact with water. Regular hand washing is not a problem.
  • Avoid chlorine and salt water; remove your ring for swimming in either, especially avoid hot tubs. 
  • Avoid chemicals.
  • Avoid heavy work or activities where the ring could be smashed or banged hard.

It is not necessary to apply oil to condition a ring with sealant, as the sealant prevents the penetration of any substance into the wood. Over time, you may like to have your ring polished or the sealant re-applied.


  • All clasps and earwires are made from recycled sterling silver.
  • Avoid contact with water.
  • Sterling silver can be polished with a polishing cloth.
  • Wood and seeds can be polished and conditioned with natural oil.

We guarantee that you will be pleased with your piece of Naturaleza Organic Jewelry.

We gladly perform maintenance and repairs for no charge (customer covers shipping).

Our return and exchange policies are outlined in our Policies. 

Every piece is made with sustainably collected materials and 100% recycled metals.

We gladly accept custom orders.

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