Sustainable eco-friendly Wood and Metal Rings

Living a sustainable lifestyle is a concept that has grown over the last few years, especially in the middle of the pandemic. Environmental awareness has made people look for more eco-friendly options, from things as simple as doing the groceries, to other more significant decisions as choosing wedding rings. 

Although pandemic has put some nuptials on hold, there are many couples that have considered redesigning the whole concept of their wedding. Meaning they went from a traditional and expensive wedding plan to a more private and eco-friendly wedding. 

Of course, an eco-friendly wedding concept includes having unique sustainable eco-friendly wedding rings and that’s when Naturaleza Organic Jewelry comes into play. We design sustainable eco-friendly Wood and Metal Rings perfect for that special day. 


Types of Wood and Metal Rings 

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry considers itself a business committed to love and environment that’s why we design sustainable eco friendly wood and metal rings made of 100% recycled materials.  All our wedding rings are available in different hardwood and metal combinations so you can pick the one that connects better with you and your loved one. 

Below you’ll find the type of hardwood we can use when designing your eco-friendly wedding rings:

  • Nacascolo
  • Ñambaro 
  • Guayacán
  • Laurel Macho
  • Walnut
  • Coyol
  • Tempisque
  • Bourbon Barrel Oak
  • Carbon
  • Guapinol 

 All of these types of hardwood come from the tropical regions of Central and South America and can be combined with white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and silver. 

Order Eco-Friendly Wood and Metal Rings With The Experts

When it comes to offering sustainable eco friendly wedding rings, Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is the right choice. All our collection is made by Marlon Obando Solano, a Nicaraguan environmental ring designer who believes that designing and buying organic jewelry is a tribute to love and the planet. Get to know more about us and our sustainable eco-friendly wood and metal rings.



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