Organic Wedding Rings For You And Your Soulmate

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions someone could make but before getting married there are many things that couples need to decide. Like where the wedding will be, the guest list, the cake, the wedding dress, the music, and of course, the wedding rings. 

The keypoint about planning a wedding is that everything must be connected. From the napkins and the cake, to the decoration and the wedding rings. So, if you are planning on having an eco-friendly wedding or green wedding, choosing organic wedding rings for your big day is the best decision.

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is well-known for making organic wedding rings using sustainable materials, hardwood from the tropical woods of Central and South America and different types of metals. We have gorgeous organic rings designs for women and men. We specialize in creating custom wood wedding rings with meaningful symbols, sustainable materials, and recycled metals. We love working with customers to create custom pieces that represent the two people being united through their commitment in marriage. 


What Our Organic Wedding Rings Are Made Of

People started purchasing organic wedding rings because of its versatility, originality, materials and eco-friendly style. Although there are very popular materials for organic rings, when it comes to organic wedding rings specifically, the ones that people always like the most are wooden rings and recycled metal rings. 

At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry we specialize in making those types of wedding rings. Here’s a short summary of each type or organic wedding ring that we offer:

  • Wood Rings with Silver:  Our handmade wooden rings are made of 100% recycled metal and any type of hardwood that our customers choose from our collection. View wood rings with silver here. 


  • Wood Rings with Gold: Our wood rings with gold can include white gold or yellow gold. We have several designs that work for both, women and men.  View wood rings with Gold here. 

  • Rose Gold Wood Rings:  Our rose gold wood rings are one of the most popular and commonly chosen by women. They are made of hardwood like Nacascolo, Guayacán, Bourbon Barrel Oak and Guapinol.  View rose gold wood rings. 

Get Your Custom Made Organic Wedding Ring 

We know that getting your wedding rings is a big deal. Checking out the options you have in terms of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials is like a special ritual in order to find the perfect rings for you and your loved one.

Here at Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, we have beautiful designs that are waiting to be part of a love story. Take a look at the collection and feel free to reach out in case you would like a custom organic wedding ring.


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