Memorial Jewelry to Remember a Family Member 

We all face the loss of our loved ones in a different way, but one thing we have in common is that we all want to keep his or her memory alive. For that reason, we tend to look for ways to feel closer to them. At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, we respect and value the feelings of each customer, and one way we have found to help them honor their loved ones’ memory is by creating beautiful and meaningful custom rings. 

We understand that carrying a picture of your loved one in your wallet is a very special way to have them in mind but we also believe rings are powerful and discrete objects that you can put on everyday and look at it anytime you feel you need to find strength and consolation. 


Honor Your Loved One with a Significant Custom Memorial Ring 

Designing a memorial jewelry like custom rings is a very unique experience and you can make it as special as you want. At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, we have designed custom memorial rings for those who have lost a mother, father, daughter, son or any special loved one. Our talented ring designer performs inlays of wood, heirloom diamond or metal, a piece of antler, bone or stone. Also, we can add a special date, word or symbol to the ring. 

Love Never Dies with a Gorgeous Custom Rings

If you are looking for memorial jewelry as a tribute to someone special, we can help. Feel free to reach out to us by sending us a message and discuss how you would like your ring to look like. Since custom memorial rings are the most important designs we perform, we tend to be very careful and detailed, which means that it can be ready in 2 weeks or less depending on the design you choose.

Keep your loved one’s memories alive with a Custom Ring that will make you feel closer to him or her. Naturaleza Organic Jewelry will make sure to create a ring exactly as you are expecting so you can honor your loved one the way he or she deserves. 


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