Meaningful Handmade Symbolic Rings

Symbols are marks or signs that can represent an idea, object, or belief. When added to rings, symbols tend to signify a feeling, belief or memory, that’s why nowadays handmade symbolic rings are very popular. 

A symbol is what can make a ring unique, special and stand out from others. Naturaleza Organic Jewelry specializes in intricate inlaid wood and metal rings, featuring unique and meaningful symbols ideal for those that are looking to own or gift an original and significant present.

Custom Symbol Wood and Metal Rings 

Symbols can be added to any types of rings, however, there are a few reasons why wood and metal rings should be your first choice when choosing custom symbolic rings. 

First, the type of wood and metal rings that we design are handmade, eco-friendly and made of 100% recycled metal. Second, adding a symbol to eco-friendly rings is cheaper than adding it to silver or gold traditional rings. Third, if you value originality and creativity, wood and metal rings are not as common as traditional rings, so your rings won’t only be special for the symbol but for its materials. 

As a Gold Green America Certified business, Naturaleza Organic Jewelry always seeks to offer unique pieces for customers while keeping its strong commitment to this world. Some of the custom Symbolic wood and metal rings that our talented wooden ring designer, Marlon Obando Solano, has created include Mayan Numbers. This is one of the favorites due to the importance of  the mayan number system that was used to make astronomical predictions and keep track of movements of the planets and stars as well as the sun and moon. 


Let’s Create Unique Symbolic Rings 

Let us create long-lasting and unique symbolic rings with a waterproof sealant and a lifetime maintenance and repair guarantee. Naturaleza Organic Jewelry will help you get that special ring with a meaningful symbol that you have always dreamt of. 


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