Sustainable Materials for Wood Rings

Sustainable materials are the heart of Naturaleza Organic Jewelry and set us apart from other options for wedding rings. From the beginning we have honored the earth in design and practice, by using the highest quality sustainable materials. We offer a unique selection of hand-collected woods and we are always happy to customize a design with wood provided by you. 

All of the sterling silver and gold used to enhance our wood rings is 100% recycled. All of our metal scrap is also recycled. The mining of precious metals and stones creates irreparable pollution, destroying ecosystems, affecting local communities and creating conflict. We are committed to using recycled metals for the well being of the planet and people. 

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry Wood Choices


We are committed to using the most sustainable practices for harvesting our woods, going above and beyond the industry standard practice. Our woods are harvested in very small quantities, with very minimal impact to the surrounding ecosystem. When we source our wood otherwise we are committed to using species that are not endangered and that are FSC Certified. 

Part of our commitment to sustainable wood is through reforestation. Each year we plant hundreds of trees in San Lorenzo, Nicaragua, transforming cattle pasture into forest, a refuge for wildlife, birds and pollinators. 


Naturaleza Organic Jewelry pioneered the use of coyol seeds in fine jewelry. Used traditionally for food, drink, cattle feed and adornment throughout the tropical region where they grow, coyol seeds are versatile but rarely used for jewelry. The interior of the seed provides a rich black material that is often mistaken for ebony. It is extremely durable. Coyol seeds grow in abundance, making this a very sustainable renewable material. We collect all of our coyol seeds from our favorite spot on the Island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. 

We are located in the heart of Bourbon Country in Louisville, Kentucky. Our Bourbon Barrel Wood Rings and accessories feature reclaimed bourbon barrels from local distilleries. The rich amber color is familiar to any bourbon lover, and makes a very meaningful choice for anyone with a love for whiskey or a connection to Kentucky. 

Whether it's a piece of wood from a tree in your yard, from your favorite place, your engagement spot, a grandparent's barn, or the floorboard of your childhood home, there may be materials that make your wood ring even more meaningful to you. We are happy to work with wood provided by our customers to create a wood ring that represents you.

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