Kentucky’s Authentic Bourbon Barrel Wedding Band

Although most of our wedding band designs are made with wood that is collected by hand from Nicaraguan Forest, Bourbon Barrel wedding bands is our special case. The origin of Bourbon Barrel wedding rings is in Kentucky, where we take the wood from barrels of the best distilleries and make sure to create beautiful and ethically handmade rings with eco-friendly methods.


Of course, the process is not that simple, it actually takes the right skills to identify a bourbon that has aged at least two years to know the wood is ready for our purpose. It is the origin of these wedding bands and the modern designs that makes men love them almost immediately, even more when they find out that we offer inlays. 

Start Your New Chapter with the Best Wedding Bands

Is there a best way to start this new chapter with the perfect wedding bands? At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, we know choosing your wedding rings together is an essential first decision as a new almost-married couple. If you are the type of couple that values art and nature, then our eco-friendly and authentic bourbon barrel rings are perfect for you both.

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