Hypoallergenic Wedding Bands


Suffering from allergies to metals is terrible, but gets more frustrating when you are planning a wedding because no one wants to experience skin irritation on the big day. Finding hypoallergenic wedding bands is not an easy task but definitely it’s not an impossible mission.

With Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, the solution is right away. We are a family-run business that is committed to sustainable practices in every aspect of our work. We create beautiful eco-friendly pieces with 100% recycled metals which is what makes our designs hypoallergenic. 

Types of Hypoallergenic Wedding Bands We Offer

Before explaining what types of hypoallergenic wedding bands you can find at Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, let’s start with the fact that our designs are made of wood and you’ll have all the possibilities to choose a particular type of hardwood for your wedding rings.

We work with the following types of hardwoods from Central and South America: Guayacán, Tempisque, Bourbon Barrel Oak, Coyol, Carbon, Nacascolo, Ñambaro, Walnut, Guapinol and Laurel Macho.

Hypoallergenic Wooden Rings with Silver

There is no reason to keep running away from sterling silver, because our handmade wooden wedding bands are made of 100% recycled sterling silver and are perfectly hypoallergenic. Check out your options here.

Hypoallergenic Wooden Rings with Gold

Gold is a universal color and always a perfect accessory. You don’t longer have to worry about getting any rash for your allergies because our handmade hypoallergenic wedding bands are made of 100% recycled metal including white gold or yellow gold. View our wooden rings with recycled gold. 

Hypoallergenic Rose Gold Wooden Rings

Rose Gold is too cute to not use it. If you are tired of not using rose gold jewelry because of your allergies, and don’t want to deal with that on your wedding day, we offer gorgeous hypoallergenic rose gold wooden rings. It is made of  sustainable materials and 100% recycled metal.  Check out rose gold wood rings. 

No more worrying about allergic reactions because of metals, at Naturaleza Organic Jewelry you’ll find hypoallergenic wedding bands and beautiful designs. 

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