Eco Friendly Rings That Will Change Your Life

Most couples decide to buy their wedding rings together, this tends to feel like a practical decision more than a romantic one. Even more when their options are very traditional like rings created with popular metals such as yellow gold, silver and platinum. 

At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, we understand that wedding rings have a symbolic meaning of love, loyalty and faithfulness, and that they also represent a connection and a new start. For that reason, we decided to create a beautiful, meaningful and stunning set of eco-friendly wedding rings for couples that are looking for something unique. 

If you don’t feel excited about getting traditional wedding rings, you should take a look at our modern eco wedding rings designs created with organic material and 100% recycled metals.

We Create Rings As Unique As Your Love

The reason why many customers recommend our eco wedding rings is because we specialize in custom wooden wedding rings created with organic materials from the forest floor. We truly believe you deserve a ring that represents your relationship and that’s exactly what makes it unique. 

We create your custom wood wedding rings by working side by side with you, by understanding exactly what you have in mind to create a unique wedding band to honor your commitment to each other and to earth. We will assist you through the whole process, from selecting best wood, metal and inlay design for you.

All our designs are created by Marlon Obando Solano with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, who has worked with eco-friendly woods such as:

  • Nambaro
  • Laurel macho
  • Nacascolo
  • Walnut
  • Guayacán
  • Coyol
  • Bourbon barrel oak
  • Tempisque 
  • Carbón
  • Guapinol

We love to work special materials provided by our customers, such as a piece of wood from a special tree, a shell, a piece of stone, heirloom jewelry and other keepsakes. 

For us, wedding rings are more than objects with shapes, sizes and designs. Every wedding ring has to tell a story and that’s what we aim to do with every single ring we create.

Check out some of the custom wedding rings we have created and contact us today to write the story of your own rings.

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