Bourbon Barrel Ring: A Handcrafted Anniversary Gift

We know how hard it is to choose an anniversary gift every single year, because the goal is giving something better than the last time. If you are running out of ideas, at Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, we have the most original anniversary gift for your lover: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Rings.

We are a recognized Gold Green America Certified business and as an environmentally-ethical and socially-responsible business, we create and design unique sustainable Bourbon Barrel Rings using wood from barrels that were previously used to make the most famous drink in Kentucky. 


Jewelry Made with Bourbon Barrel from Local Distilleries 

Everyone knows that 95% of Bourbon is produced in Kentucky. Unlike other alcohol, it must be aged in brand new wood barrels in order to be called Bourbon. Once these barrels have done the job, they are sent to countries like Mexico or Scotland where they can age tequila or scotch. 

Many people don’t know that bourbon barrels have become very popular in the Jewelry Industry and this is because they are used to make gorgeous and original masterpieces like organic bands, cufflinks and many other things. That’s how Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Rings were born. 

At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, we create the most beautiful bourbon barrel rings combined with sustainable materials. We use 100% recycled metals like gold and silver. These are some of the combinations you will find in our store:

  • White Gold + Bourbon Barrel Wood
  • Rose Gold + Bourbon Barrel Wood
  • Yellow Gold + Bourbon Barrel Wood
  • Silver + Bourbon Barrel Wood

All our collection is made by Marlon Obando Solano, a Nicaraguan environmental jewelry designer who believes that organic jewelry is the best way to honor the earth. He combines organic elements like the wood from Bourbon Barrel with 100% recycled metals (sterling silver and gold) to create unique designs.

The Perfect Gift For Bourbon Lovers

When it comes to authenticity, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Rings are the number one. Whether you are looking for a creative and original gift for your anniversary or just a special gift for a bourbon lover,  Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is the best place to find it.  


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