A Custom Wood Wedding Ring For The One That Means Everything To You

Everything that has to do with the first day of the rest of your life is a big decision which is why it should connect with you and your loved one. If traditional wedding rings don’t match with what you have planned, then there are several options when it comes to original wedding rings.

Over the last few years, custom wooden wedding rings have become more and more popular thanks to their originality and eco-friendly style. 

If you seek to have special wedding rings, Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is the best place to find eco-friendly custom wood wedding rings for the one that means everything to you. 


The Strongest Promise Deserves Special Jewelry 

At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry we understand how important it is to have wedding rings that represent the strongest promise you’ll ever make. All our jewelry is available in different combinations so you can choose the one that symbolizes your relationship the most:

  • White Gold + The wood of your choice
  • Rose Gold + The wood of your choice
  • Yellow Gold + The wood of your choice
  • Silver + The wood of your choice

The types of hardwood we use when creating handmade custom wood wedding rings are:

  • Nacascolo
  • Ñambaro 
  • Guayacán
  • Laurel Macho
  • Walnut
  • Coyol
  • Tempisque
  • Bourbon Barrel Oak
  • Carbon
  • Guapinol 
  • Koa
  • Redwood
  • Maple
  • And more!

Most of our woods are sustainably sourced by hand in Nicaragua or Kentucky. 

The best part of making custom wedding rings is that over the years we have become partners in creating the most special jewelry for couples, performing inlays of wood, heirloom diamond or metal, as well as a piece of antler, bone or stone.  

Get The Perfect Custom Wedding Rings With Naturaleza Organic Jewelry

We design gorgeous  custom wooden wedding rings that include a waterproof sealant and a lifetime maintenance and repair guarantee. 

Whether you want to order custom wedding rings with stone inlays or with a special word that symbolises everything to you, Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is the best place to do it. 


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