Truly Modern, Unique and Natural Rings

Wedding rings are an enduring visible symbol of your marriage, and for many couples, it’s the most important decision they make in wedding planning. In recent years, more couples are having eco-friendly weddings and choosing eco-friendly wedding rings. At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry we pioneered wood wedding rings long before they were trendy, and have perfected our craft and expanded our collection over the years. 

There are two well-known reasons why natural rings are a better alternative than traditional rings. The first is because they allow you and your husband or wife or partner to have unique and custom rings that fit with your personal values and still look beautiful and unique.  The second one is wood rings can have a more affordable price in comparison to traditional rings. 

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Other key benefits of choosing modern and natural wedding rings are the following: 

  • It’s an eco-friendly alternative that comes from a sustainable source
  • It’s handmade and can be customized as much as you want
  • They are hypoallergenic. Ideal to a person with allergies to metals

Eco-friendly Business 

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is a Gold Green America Certified business and eco-friendly company that creates rings with sustainable materials to celebrate the commitment of marriage and honor the earth. All the natural jewelry of our collection is made by Marlon Obando Solano entirely by hand in his home studio in Louisville, Kentucky. 

As a family-owned business committed to sustainable practices we work hard to incorporate only recycled, reclaimed, and sustainably collected materials when creating wood rings, cufflinks, earrings, and necklaces. We have been selling our custom made wood wedding rings and we receive requests from all around the world since 2008. 

Want to learn more about us and our commitment? Read about our history. 

Heartwarming Stories from Satisfied Customers

Nothing makes us happier than a heartwarming story from a satisfied customer. At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, we work along the way with each customer, especially when they decide to go for custom designs for their wedding rings. Read a review below:

“They took my breath away. These are absolutely the most beautiful wooden rings I have ever seen… littler works of art. We both will be so proud to wear such a work of art and look at it every day! Thank you for creating such a meaningful symbol of our union.”

Do you like unique things? Then you will love creating your custom rings with us. Take a look at our gallery and design the rings of your dreams with our help. 
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