Three Important Details to Define Before Your Bohemian Wedding Day

There are a few decisions that will impact your big day and that need to be made before anything else. Although most people believe that the important thing is deciding your dress or the reception, the important details actually have to do with decisions you made way before that. 

If you want your wedding day to be a big succeed, pay attention to these three key details:

Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring won’t only represent the love and commitment that you and your future husband have for each other but will define the style of your wedding. Think about it! If you are having an eco-friendly or bohemian wedding, it wouldn’t make sense that you choose a traditional wedding ring (that wouldn’t be “eco-friendly”). Engagement rings are the very beginning, and that’s why they mark your wedding path. 

Because Boho weddings are typically connected to the eco-friendly style, engagement wooden rings with diamond or gemstone wooden rings will be the perfect fit, even more so when the rings are made of 100% recycled metals and sustainable materials. 

Wedding Bands

Since traditionally people wear the engagement ring in the same finger of the wedding band, it’s essential to choose a wedding band that combines with your engagement ring. 

When it comes to wedding rings, there are more options than engagement rings, even in terms of eco-friendly styles. For bohemian weddings, there are beautiful handmade wood rings (perfect for men and women) that are made of 100% Recycled metals like Sterling Silver and Gold.  Check out some options!

Once both engagement rings and wedding bands follow the same style of your wedding, you are ready to move forward to the next step. 

Virtual or Traditional Wedding?

The third detail that will define the rest of your decisions is choosing between a virtual or traditional wedding. In the time of a pandemic where things are not completely under control yet, considering a virtual wedding is the most practical and advisable but if you have always dreamt about your wedding day with everyone around, church and everything. Then you deserve it!

Why is this decision so crucial? Because it will define the rest. For example, if you choose a virtual wedding, it means your wedding day will be more private and secure but also means that you have the chance to invest more money on things for you like your wedding dress or your honeymoon. 

Last But No Least...

The final detail is making sure you are happy with every decision. It’s your day! If you are not happy with something, you shouldn’t think twice, look for help and review whatever you need to review. Your special day should be remembered as the day you were able to make the decisions that made you happy. Although you must not forget that the most important thing of the whole wedding, is you and the one that is waiting for you at the aisle.  

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