The New Trend 2021: Bourbon Barrel Wedding Bands & Eco-Friendly Weddings

If you are planning a wedding during covid, you must know that indoor weddings are not recommended. That’s why after the pandemic, eco-friendly weddings became more and more popular over the last year. 

The best way to celebrate your love, to have your special day and still make sure everyone is safe, is to prepare everything for an eco-friendly wedding. Whether that means to you a beach wedding, farm wedding or even a backyard wedding, you must take into account the following details:

Less is more: Although you may want to invite everybody to your wedding, we know it’s not possible during Covid. Reduce your guest list, you should only be surrounded by your closest loved ones. Remember the rest of your family or friend can be with you through a video call. 

Outdoor ceremony: Since one of the main goals is keeping everyone safe, you have to be aware that all the ceremony must be in an open place where everybody can keep distance from each other but still feel part of that special moment.

Eco-friendly Theme: When having an eco-friendly wedding theme, everything needs to match. From the decoration and the menu to the wedding rings. To find beautiful eco-friendly wedding bands you can check out Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, an environmentally-ethical and socially-responsible business that specializes in creating unique sustainable Bourbon Barrel Wedding Bands using barrel wood and recycled metals like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silver.

What Makes Organic Wedding Bands So Special?

Handmade wedding bands with recycled metal have an eco-friendly style and a natural beauty that makes them so special and unique. Besides, since they are made of wood they symbolize growth, strength, longevity and wisdom which are things that couples seek over the years.

There are many wooden bands in the market but what makes Bourbon Barrel Wedding Bands so unique is that they come from the biggest distilleries of kentucky. After bourbon has aged at least two years, bourbon barrels are used for different purposes, one of them is creating unique and organic pieces to represent the most powerful commitment: marriage.

What makes Bourbon Barrel Wedding Bands even more special is that men tend to love them at first glance, and they can be personalized in case you want to incorporate any other special material on it. 


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