Recycled Wood Jewelry Perfect for New Beginnings

We are always looking for new ways to start a new chapter. Sometimes it’s a haircut, a time for ourselves like a getaway and sometimes it’s simply something more tangible that helps us remember why we have decided to start that new path.

The most typical thing that people use to mark a new beginning is any type of jewelry, like bracelets, rings, necklace and even earrings. Nowadays, the favorite is recycled wood jewelry because of the positive impact that makes on the environment. Although there are multiple types of organic jewelry, wooden jewelry is the one we will be focusing on this article. 

Recycled wood jewelry is very popular due to the great characteristics such as:

  • Affordable prices
  • Beautiful natural shapes
  • Unique designs and textures 
  • Enduring material

Jewelry can be made almost from any type of wood or seeds, some of the artisans that create handcrafted pieces prefer to work with trees such as Nacascolo, Ñambaro, Guayacán, Laurel, Macho, Walnut, Coyol, Tempisque, Carbon, Guapinol, and some are made of bourbon barrels coming from distilleries. 

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