Interesting Facts About Wood and Metal Rings

The origins of rings started with Egyptians. They used to believe that rings represented eternity because a circle does not have a beginning or ending. Once that Greek conquered Egyptians, they also acquired this tradition and they started giving rings to their loved ones to represent love, devotion and passion. Eventually this tradition also got to the Romans and nowadays, rings represent the strongest and most powerful sign of commitment. 

Although the market is full of classic rings made of platinum or gold, a recent type of rings that has become very popular are wood and metal rings. Handcraft wood bands and recycled metal rings have an eco-friendly style and natural beauty. Here are some interesting facts about wood and metal rings:

Wood Rings

Wood rings come in many styles due to the variety of hardwood they are made of. Some of the most common hardwoods are Nacascolo, Guayacán, Bourbon Barrel Oak and Guapinol. 

Many people believe that strength and durability are two things that wooden rings don’t comply with. However, wooden rings experts assure that with protective coatings, varnish and proper maintenance they can last as long as a metal ring. 

Wood rings are well-known for its affordable prices and for symbolizing growth, strength and longevity. 

Metal Rings

On the other hand, metal rings are the classic rings made of gold, silver and many other metals. These rings are commonly used for engagement or marriage. Its durability depends on the type of metal. Gold rings last between 10 to 20 years while silver rings last between 20 and 35 years. 

Metal rings symbolize eternal commitment and love. This type of ring is commonly chosen by the upper classes. 

The Best Wood And Metal Rings 

The best rings are those that combine wood and 100% recycled metal, and that allow customers to personalize it with symbols and any other special thing. 

There are only a few certified companies that make handcrafted wood and metal rings in the US. Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is one of the Gold Green America Certified businesses that designs unique sustainable wood and metal rings. 


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