Handmade Symbolic Rings for Couples

Handmade Symbolic Rings are not as common as traditional rings, but that’s great news because it means that they are the perfect choice when you are looking for a unique gift for you and the love of your life.  

Over the decades, symbols have represented significant things like beliefs, ideas and history. One of the most popular handmade symbolic rings for couples are the ones that include symbols from the Mayan Numeral System.

The relevance of  the mayan number system focused on the fact that it helped Mayans to make astronomical predictions and trace movements of the planets, stars, sun and moon. The ancient system of Mayan numbers uses sticks, stones and leaves to represent numbers. 

Check out some designs of symbolic rings:

Mayan Numerology Coyol Wood with Sterling Silver Ring

Commemorate your anniversary, wedding date, or another important moment, or a powerful number in your life with this Coyol Wood with Sterling Silver Ring. This black coyol wood is perfect to add more elegance to the ring design.  Learn more. 

Mayan Numerology Guapinol Wood with Sterling Silver Ring

This Mayan Numerology Wood Ring is made by hand using sustainable materials and recycled metals. They are made of guapinol wood, moran, and coyol seed, but there are similar rings that are made of hardwoods like Nacascolo, Ñambaro, Guayacán, Laurel Macho and many other wood that come from Central America. Learn more. 

Shop Symbolic Rings For You or Your Loved One with Naturaleza Organic 

Shop enduring and original symbolic rings at Naturaleza Organic Jewelry. We specialize in intricate inlaid wood and metal rings, featuring unique and meaningful symbols. Our wooden rings are made of 100% recycled metals with a waterproof sealant and a lifetime maintenance and repair guarantee. 

The base price for a Mayan Numerology Ring with 3 numbers is $340, and may increase depending on the amount of inlay.


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