Environmentally Friendly Engagement Rings: Lifestyle You Would Like to Practice

If environmentally friendly is the type of lifestyle you would like to practice, you must know that it’s simply a lifestyle that takes into account what’s best for the environment. 

As some prefer to practice this lifestyle by changing their feeding habits, others prefer to stop buying from commercial and unethical companies that sell non eco-friendly products with the hope that the impact on the environment decreases considerably. Instead they start to acquire more conscience buying habits by looking for environmentally-friendly products.

Although there are a variety of eco-friendly products in the market; in this article we will mainly focus on eco-friendly jewelry that has grown in popularity thanks to the unique pieces and authentic designs that this type of jewelry has. One of the pieces that is trending this 2021 are environmentally friendly rings. 

What are Environmentally-friendly Rings?

Environmentally friendly rings are those that are made of sustainable materials and that their process is completely friendly with nature resources. Nowadays there are multiple designs, but the favorite within all the options are gorgeous eco-friendly engagement rings like wooden engagement rings with diamonds.

What is the Best Type of Wood for Engagement Rings?

There is a variety of hardwood that can perfectly work when it comes to creating wooden engagement rings with diamond. Some of the most common are Nacascolo, Guayacán, Bourbon Barrel Oak and Guapinol. With protective coatings, varnish, and proper maintenance, any of this hardwood can endure as much as common metal rings.  

Are Wooden Engagement Rings Expensive?

One of the reasons why people are choosing wooden engagement rings with diamond over the traditional engagement rings is pricing. The national cost of a ring is around $5,500 but hopefully wooden rings are affordable.  Even wooden engagement rings with diamond don’t reach this price. Gemstone wood engagement rings have a price between $800 and $1000.

Where Can I Find a Wooden Engagement Ring with Diamond?

Although there are many ways to acquire wooden engagement rings, those that really commit to an environmentally friendly lifestyle take the time to look for companies or online stores that are 100% ethical and that need the support to keep joining efforts for a change.

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is one of those. It is a Gold Green America Certified business that designs unique sustainable wooden engagement ring with diamond and other types of organic jewelry as well. Learn more about it here. 

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