Cool Groomsmen Gift That They’ll Keep Forever

If you are getting ready for your wedding ceremony, you know that getting something for your groomsmen is part of the deal. We all know that guys are very practical but since this occasion is not simple at all, you might consider giving something cool but unique to them. 

Here’s a cool idea that would work as a Groomsmen Gift: Cufflinks. 

But not any cufflinks, the best cufflinks for men. The ones that come from local distilleries where Bourbon is made. 

What are Cufflinks and what are they used for?

Cufflinks are small items and male jewelry that are used to secure the cuff of formal dress shirts. They are commonly manufactured with materials like metal, stone, glass, leather. 

So if you are looking for groomsmen gifts they won’t get at any other wedding, Bourbon Barrel Cufflinks are a unique and cool gift. 

How Do Bourbon Barrels End Up As Cufflinks?

Almost 95% of Bourbon is made in local distilleries in Kentucky, where the bourbon is aged in brand new wood barrels for at least two years to be considered a straight bourbon. Since the wood barrels can not be reused for another bourbon, they are shipped to other countries where they can be used to age tequila or scotch. However, these bourbon barrels can be used in local stores for any other purpose.

In our case, Naturaleza Organic Jewelry uses bourbon Barrels and other sustainable materials to create unique and eco-friendly pieces like cufflinks. 

Our Bourbon Barrels Cufflinks come in different shapes and colors. From squared charred bourbon barrels cufflinks to oval whiskey barrel cufflinks.

How long do Bourbon Barrel Cufflinks last? 

The simpler a cufflink design is, the more it lasts. Bourbon Barrel Cufflinks designs are pretty simple but still very elegant.  Of course, another factor that plays an important role in durability is the material.  Bourbon Barrel Cufflinks are made of sustainable materials like 100% recycled metals combined with bourbon barrel wood (that can last almost 60 years), so you won’t have to worry about how long they will last. 

The Best Bourbon Barrel Wedding Cufflinks 

Cufflinks are a great way to impress and show you care about your appearance, even more on a special date like a wedding. If you want to impress your bride and your guests by wearing an eco-friendly and very masculine pair of bourbon barrel cufflinks for you and every groomsman, at Naturaleza Organic Jewelry you’ll find several designs.


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