The Proof Of A Strong Commitment

Finding the perfect wedding ring does not have to be complicated when you know exactly what you want it to represent. Rings remind a couple of their meaningful commitment to each other, and our eco-friendly rings echo your commitment to our planet. At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry your love and our commitment to caring for our planet are what drive us to create the most stunning and meaningful custom engagement and wedding wood rings. 

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Happiness starts with a purpose

Every couple has an idea of what type of ring they want for their engagement or wedding. Like everything in life this decision must be taken with a purpose, so when you ask yourself “How to choose my wedding ring?” you make sure there is deep purpose along the way so that you can be loyal to that. 

Do you and your loved one have a connection with nature? Is there a special place or symbol that represents your relationship? Are you looking for modern handmade rings?  At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, we specialize in custom and handmade wooden wedding rings created with organic materials from the forest floor and 100% recycled metals.  Each piece of our vast collection is created by Marlon Obando Solano with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Say YES to the right Ring!

We know your wedding ring will be worn every single day for the rest of your life so you should choose a ring that reminds you of the connection you have with the love of your life. We create custom made wood rings that represent you and your love with symbolic and meaningful eco-friendly materials and designs. We offer wooden rings for men and women with eco-friendly and elegant designs. 

Whether you are looking for unique wood rings with gold or wood rings with silver, Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is the best company to help you find what you need. Our wooden rings are designed to last a lifetime, and they include a waterproof sealant and a lifetime maintenance and repair guarantee. 

If you feel ready to say YES to the ring, take a look at our collection or reach out to us for your custom wood ring today.

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