The First Step to Happiness

Nothing tells you better that you know your loved one as the wedding bands you choose, that’s why it shouldn’t be an easy decision. Wedding bands represent the commitment between you and the love of your life, and choosing the right one will be the first step to a happy wedding experience. 

If you and your special one are looking for unique wedding bands, you should definitely view the beautiful designs that Naturaleza Organic Jewelry has to offer. We use natural materials and 100% recycled metals like gold and silver to create the most gorgeous and organic wedding band you’ll ever see.


Dreamy Organic Wedding Bands

We are a well-known Gold Green America Certified business that designs dreamy organic wedding bands with hardwood from Central America and South America. Marlon Obando Solano, a Nicaraguan environmental ring designer, is the one in charge of creating every single piece. Some of the organic wedding bands that you can order with us are the following:

  • Wooden Rings with Silver:  A handmade organic wedding band made of 100% recycled metal and the special hardwood of your choice. Check out some designs. 


  • Wooden Rings with Gold: Also made of sustainable materials and 100% recycled metals including white gold or yellow gold, perfect for men or women. Click here to view our collection. 

  • Rose Gold Wooden Rings: A very popular choice, especially for women. It is made of  sustainable materials as well and hardwood like Nacascolo, Bourbon Barrel Oak, Guapinol,and Guayacán.  Take a look at rose gold wood rings. 

Get The Perfect Organic Wedding Band for Your Loved One

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry will help you select the best organic wedding band for you and that special person. We will assist you in all the way from choosing the right shape, size, and hardwood.

We are located in Kentucky, but you can order your wedding bands directly from our online store. Remember, by choosing these organic wedding bands you are honoring the love between you and the love of your life and at the same time, being responsible when it comes to environmental awareness. 


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