Custom Wood Rings From Our Hands To Yours

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry is a Gold Green America Certified business that specializes in custom wood rings made of sustainable materials and the most original designs. 

Marlon Obando Solano designs and creates every single piece of art you’ll find in our collection by hand. Marlon began making wood jewelry as way to honor nature and celebrate all of the beauty she offers. 

From rose gold wood rings to wood rings with silver, Naturaleza Organic Jewelry has it all. But nothing has more meaning than our custom wood rings that are designed based on what our customers want. From adding special and meaningful symbols to wood inlays or stone inlays. 


The Meaning Of Wood Rings

In many cultures wood was and is the main material to manufacturing. The human being started creating wood spears to survive, and then discovered that there is so much potential on wood. Nowadays, houses, furniture, household items and even jewelry are made of different types of wood. 

At Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, one of the types of wood jewelry that we make and sell a lot are wood rings. People tend to choose wood rings because they are eco-friendly, and come with a meaning. Wood rings symbolize:

  • Growth
  • Strength
  • Longevity
  • Wisdom 
  • Knowledge

Which is why it is very common to give wood rings when people go from one stage to another, for example in latin culture, family members tend to give a custom wood ring when someone graduates from high school and is about to start college.

Also, another very common example is when a couple has reached five years together so they get wooden rings for their fifth wedding anniversary. 

Handmade Custom Wood Rings in 2 weeks or less!

Here at Naturaleza Organic Jewelry, we have created many handmade custom wood rings over the years. From the most simple designs to special designs with inlays of stone, wood and even, bones. 

We know that every single custom wood ring has a meaning and history, and we are glad to be part of it. Since rings can mean a lot of things, they are not only for couples but also for friends and family.

If you would like to order a custom wood ring for a special person, the best way to hear from us and work together on defining the details is sending us a message. We can have it ready in 2 weeks or less depending on the design.


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